Buzz Rickson's AA Duffel Coat - Navy

Buzz Rickson's AA Duffel Coat - Navy

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The name "duffel" comes from Duffel, a town in Antwerp Province in Belgium. This town's specialty, a sturdy twill weave wool cloth known as fustian weave, was exported throughout Europe. It is a strong fulled cloth that does not easily stain in water, and as it offers excellent cushioning, it was even used for the inner lining of explosive boxes. Originally worn by Scandinavian fishermen as work clothes, a duffel coat's basic design had a toggle and rope closure so that it could be opened and closed wearing gloves. It is said that toggles originated from the buoys used in fishing and were made of wood for this reason. The coat's other characteristic, the hood, is intended to protect the wearer from the cold. By wearing the coat from the head, the hood prevents the body temperature from decreasing. The duffel coat has been adopted by the U.K. Navy since World War II; however, the background that led to its adoption is not clear. The first model is characterized by three toggles at the front and a hood with an adjustable snap button. In addition, the strap attached to the inside hem is designed for the wearer's legs to be passed through to prevent the hem from flapping on the vessel in the sea wind. Simple yet offering cold protection, the U.K. military's duffel coat subsequently had fans in countries all over the world.

  • Material: 34oz. Wool Melton (90% Wool / 10% Nylon)
  • Switching Cloth: 100% Cotton
  • Toggle: Natural Wood and Line Rope
  • Button: Ivory Nut
  • Leg Strap: Cotton Herringbone
  • Label: Aviation Associates
  • Made in Japan

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