Bon Parfumeur EDP 803 - 30ml

Bon Parfumeur EDP 803 - 30ml

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Frosted patchouli : a palpable tension between hot and cold. The fragrance begins on a frosted note with marine accents, warmed by a spicy combination of ginger, pink pepper and juniper berry. The patchouli is intense, warm and powerful. A patchouli leaf captured in ice.

Top notes :
› Pink pepper: spicy, fruity, mango
› Juniper berry: spicy, peppery, smells like gin
› Ginger: zesty citrus and potent spice

Heart notes :
› Aniseed: reminiscent of licorice
› Ylang Ylang: sensuality, white flower
› Sea spray: marine scent

Base notes :
› Patchouli: woody, earthy
› Seaweed: salty, woody
› Ambergris: mineral, iridescent

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