Tom Talks - The Mighty Maharishi

Tom Talks - The Mighty Maharishi

Hi there, it’s me again - Tom.

Today I’m going to be talking about one of my favourite brands stocked here at The Modern Draper - Maharishi.


Maharishi is one of our newest brands to the store and I personally think it really gives us a different perspective to streetwear as a whole.

 Maharishi was founded in 1994 and since day one have been giving us a whole new twist on Military inspired fashion. With an obvious reference to military uniforms Maharishi manage to involve Eastern fashion with some crazy prints and embroidery, influenced by heritage designs from all over Asia.

 Maharishi has had a recent boom in the streetwear scene with their infamous Snopant being a must have for this summer.


 However, my favourite piece from Maharishi this season has to be their Kimono, combining a traditional eastern silhouette with technical fabrics and designs used in the military for many years. To me, this is genius, and I can’t wait to see how this is styled by you guys, whether it be with the original snopant or mixed up with some dark indigo denim; either way this piece will look amazing!

 If you’re looking at Maharishi and thinking their loose fitting pants aren’t the ones for you, I would highly recommend the 2007 Utility Pant, which are a slimmer fitting, high waisted trouser which comes in both Olive and Black. These stunning pants are a reconstruction from those worn by the U.S. Riverine units in the Vietnam era, so if you're into your remakes you need to try these out.

Essentially if you're into your Asian fashion (if you’re not, you need to be) then this brand is the one for you, and if you want to beat the inevitable up-ward trend of military inspired fashion - again Maharishi is where you need to be.



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