Tom Talks… Saving the Planet (Part 2)

Tom Talks… Saving the Planet (Part 2)

Hi there, it’s me, Tom, again…

This blog is going to carry on from my last post regarding sustainable products and brands.

First of all, I’m going to tell you about one of our favourite outerwear brands Rains. Originating from Denmark in 2012 Rains have made it very clear that they are aware of environmental, social and economic factors which effect their brand. In terms of production and the materials used Rains have many features which make a positive impact on the planet. Firstly, they use a PU coating on all their products which is highly waterproof, windproof and durable whilst being significantly more environmentally friendly that the standard materials used.



Rains also use man made down to stay in line with their strict ban on animal down. This high-tech, featherless down mimics feathered down when dry but also performs better when wet than down would. To me, this shows that Rains are actively promoting animal welfare and pushing for a Cruelty-Free product and eventually a Cruelty-Free Industry 

 The next brand I am going to put under the microscope is French trainer brand, Veja. Team Draper LOVE Veja – check out the new season collection which is the best yet. For me, the working practices at Veja are the future, not just for sneakers but for the fashion industry as a whole.

  Veja have a huge, in-depth transparency report which essentially shows where all the material comes from in Brazil but also how much their workers are paid and treated. The shocking fact is that if Veja moved their production to a standard Chinese factory each pair of shoes would cost three times less to produce. This just shows that the brand is extremely aware of current global problems and really care for their social and environmental responsibility within production.

 Veja can provide an Organic Certification on all cotton used since the brand started and apply strong Fair Trade principles throughout the business, meaning they pay a fair price for all the materials used. I strongly believe that if Veja’s amazing approach to how their products are made, is set as an industry standard then fashion could make a huge impact on the welfare of the planet.

 My final brand spotlight today is Birkenstock. These footwear experts have proven for some time now that they are pushing to constantly innovate their products, packaging and logistics to benefit the environment.

Birkenstock use natural cork for almost all their product which is a sustainable raw material, obtained by harvesting the bark layer from cork oak which leaves the tree completely un-harmed. Birkenstock also promise that 98% of their adhesives are water-based which means they are environmentally friendly. They were one of the first shoe manufacturers to use this water-soluble and solvent-free adhesive almost exclusively in their production process. Alongside their constant use of natural latex which is also a renewable resource just shows that Birkenstock is another brand which is making that conscious effort to push for a more sustainable and environmentally friendly industry.

The fashion world isn’t perfect, but some brands are not just trying to make a difference – they are making a difference. Now, it’s down to us to make the right choices too.



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