Tom Talks...Saving the Planet

Tom Talks...Saving the Planet

Hi, its Tom here again...

Throughout the last year many of us have spent more time outdoors during lockdowns; I have found that I have really enjoyed being aware of what is going on around me and having a little time to be aware of the natural world.

So that has got me thinking about sustainability and the brands we stock which make a conscious effort to make the world a better place - as well as killing it in the fashion world. Sustainability is becoming a key part of fashion and at The Modern Draper we want to do all we can to help out which includes little things such as recycling packaging material and using biodegradable paper carrier bags to really consider the brands that truly want to make a difference.

Starting with one of our favourite outdoor brand Fjallraven, the Swedish brand have really pushed to make a change within all their product ranges and are part of the UN Global Climate Action initiative. All Fjallraven products are put through “7 guiding rules” to ensure the product meets the following criteria Sustainable, Recyclable, Efficient, have Low Material Impact, Simple and Longevity.

Fjallraven make it very clear that they are doing their part to reduce damage to the Earth and are still on a journey to becoming PCF-Free. So not only do they produce amazing quality garments with great functionality and style, but they also reassure the customer that every item is made fairly.

Animal Welfare is one of the biggest considerations for the fashion industry currently however Fjallraven state this is their “Highest priority” promising that all materials from animals such as Down, Wool and Leather are all trackable. They only use these materials when no synthetic, man-made material can be used to offer the same functionality, and promise all animals are treated humanely.

I’d also like to tell you a little bit about Obey. The streetwear gurus have recently started the organic Ideals collection, trying to reduce their environmental footprint wherever possible, within all aspects of their business, from producing to delivering. In 2015 they started to work with Fair Trade to offer certified garments that offer economic empowerment to their factory workers. Obey have said “We respect everything it takes to make the garments we sell and want to ensure we are doing our best for the world around us”. I think this is absolutely brilliant!  I genuinely hope to see more and more brands making an effort to help the world we live in but also the hardworking people involved in making the products.

Let’s talk about Nudie Jeans. We have stocked Nudie from the very beginning as they are one of our favourite denim brands. They are excellent at making and recycling jeans that still offer amazing quality and a unique style. Nudie have been part of the Fair Wear Foundation for over 10 years now, which reflects their efforts to focus on sustainability. Nudie hold many certificates to prove they are doing their part but what I like the most is their promise to repair and re-use denim so nothing is wasted. Nudie offer lifetime free repairs for all customers no matter where you bought them from, all you have to do is wash them and take them to your local Nudie Repair Shop. In 2019 they repaired 63,281 pairs of jeans which could be stacked to stand taller than the world’s tallest building. That's mad!

After hearing all this I was searching through all the Nudie Jeans we sell and to be honest I can’t see myself needing anything else after buying these. They offer such a variety of styles and fits; they really are a denim brand for the people and for the world.

I hope these initiatives excite you as much as they excite me and the rest of Team Draper. The fashion world isn’t perfect, but it can only get better if we all do a little bit to help the environment. And during these months of uncertainty and turmoil, it’s great to think you are making a tiny bit of difference somewhere.

In the future I will be writing more about fashion and sustainability, so if you liked this keep your eyes peeled. 

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  • chris terry

    Tom, just read this properly. Keep up this astonishing work. We be just been notified by the huge company Shopify that this piece is within the top percent of Shopify blog posts globally. wow. Keep it up x

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