Tom Talks...about On Trainers

Tom Talks...about On Trainers

Hi, It’s me again - Tom!

Today I’m writing this quick blog to tell you about our new Swiss brand called On or On Running. This brand makes some of the most technical running/fitness trainers on the market, and to be quite honest the technology they use blows my mind. 

The unique technology On use is called Cloudtec, this is a gravity fighting sole which allows its users to get the most out of their trainer when running. The sole is designed to give a soft landing when running but also an explosive take-off which results in an ultralight, impact free and very comfy experience. As the experts say themselves “In other words, running on clouds.” 

We had Carlos from On come and visit us just over a week ago now to explain how these trainers really work. One thing Carlos explained was the speed boards in all the On Trainers; this essentially pushes you forward when running and “promotes an active running sensation”. All I heard when he explained this is these trainers will make me run faster because they have speed boards in them, and to be honest I was sold straight away. 

If you know anything about the brand, you might be aware that Roger Federer has just joined On to be part of their business. In doing so he has released a new court trainer which I must say are amazing and we will be stocking them this November. Some of our staff (including Mrs Draper) have already made it clear that they will be sporting these Centre Courts as soon as they are available. 

We stock a wide range of the On trainers that we feel cover most needs in terms of sport/exercise trainers as we now have 4 styles of the ultralight trainers. We have their standard silhouette, the Cloud, then the more gym based Cloud X, the Cloud Waterproof and On’s answer to sneaker heads with the CloudNova. 

So if you are looking for a stylish yet extremely technical trainer for your exercise needs, then you know where to come.



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