Tom and The Terrariums

Tom and The Terrariums

Hi, Its Tom again!

I hope you enjoyed my last blog talking about my first ever experience as an assistant buyer for The Modern Draper; if you haven’t managed to read that I recommend you do. 

Today I’m going to be talking about our new terrariums that some of you may have seen on our social media. Our brand of Terrariums is Niwa, which originated in France but have recently taken Beverley by storm. So our new terrariums actually come from Paris; all hand crafted, hand blown glass, and handpicked to give that high quality, unique look. 

When the terrariums first got delivered, the team at the shop were so nervous to be moving them around and checking to make sure we hadn’t just killed off a twenty-year-old Bonsai Tree. However, after a few hours training and a few weeks getting to know the beautiful terrariums we are all confident and happy to be checking them daily, moving them around and demonstrating what on earth these miniature environments actually are. 

A couple of weeks ago now we had a training session from the guys at Niwa and they pretty much said if you can’t look after these house plants then give up. It’s that easy. I was blown away to find out that only two waters annually will be enough to keep these microenvironments happy and growing. 

We offer a range from small egg-shaped terrariums to large cork lidded glass jars and to be quite honest I can’t make my mind up on which one of these things of beauty will be coming home with me. But all I can say is if you are debating whether its right for your home… Yes, yes, it is! Everyone needs one of these terrariums in their life. 

Pretty much all I want to say is welcome Niwa, we are happy you are here.



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