The Modern Draper is Proud to Introduce The Filson x Popeye Collaboration

The Modern Draper is Proud to Introduce The Filson x Popeye Collaboration

In a collaboration that has landed just in time to make us all smile, our favourite outdoors brand, Filson has teamed up with our favourite cartoon hero – Popeye.

When he first appeared in the Thimble Theatre comic strip on January 17, 1929, the world was on the precipice of significant change. The Roaring Twenties were going strong, fuelled by the speakeasies and bootlegging of Prohibition. But a cataclysmic storm was approaching in the form of the Great Depression, which would soon spread across the entire world. By 1938 Popeye had been voted the most popular cartoon character in America and has been a part of our pop culture ever since. His image is inked on sailors’ arms, his mug stares out from T-shirts, and his laugh is legendary. Nothing can keep him down. 

Celebrate our beloved one-eyed sailor, whose scrappy personality is matched only by his appetite for spinach and his heart of gold.

These limited-edition graphics are on Filson’s amazing quality T-shirts, hoodies (all proudly made with heavy-duty cotton in the USA). and pin badges.

The limited edition Filson x Popeye cap is made in the USA by Ebbets Field Flannels. The wool cap features an embroidered patch of Popeye’s grinning, pipe-chewing mug.

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