Meet Thomas - Our New Recruit!

Meet Thomas - Our New Recruit!

Hi, I’m Tom, a 20 year old guy who started working at The Modern Draper three weeks ago. 

Since starting at the shop my love for fashion has grown and I have found myself interested in the origin of brands and their story.

One brand I have specifically taken a liking to, is named Butter Goods and originates from Perth, Western Australia. When I first came across this brand I fell in love with the Graphic tees and their ability to make exotic styles look so normal and wearable. 

I think my style will evolve and expand with the constant flow of new brands into our shops.

At the moment I am really getting into the Hike/streetwear with brands like Gramicci, HikerDelic and Kavu producing some great pieces which pair top quality with unique style. Hike/Streetwear is a growing style where brands are using essential items of clothing for hiking or outdoor activities to influence their new styles. This allows brands to produce some amazing looking pieces whilst remaining extremely practical.  

There is a real buzz within the shops and I guess that is always going to happen when a group of people are together that are so passionate about the same thing. One thing I love is learning and speaking about everyones individual style whether their influences be Music, Art, Travel or just what they love. 

The Modern Draper really is just a big (very fashionable) family.



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