Buzz Rickson's Peanuts Flying Ace T-Shirt - White

Buzz Rickson's Peanuts Flying Ace T-Shirt - White

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We find that as Buzz Rickson’s is made to an original spec, the brand is small compared to modern fits; therefore we advise customers to try at least a size larger than their standard size. We recommend that you contact our stores so our helpful retail teams can offer advice and give exact sizing information before you purchase.

A collaboration between two all American icons.

The collaboration T-shirt between "BUZZ RICKSON'S" and "PEANUTS". It is the familiar design, but Snoopy wears a A-2 jacket. The body of the T-shirt is made in USA. It goes well with American casual items such as A-2 and jeans. 

100% Cotton

T-shirt: Made in USA

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