Baxter of California Cartridge Razor - Five Blade

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Designed with the everyday shaver in mind, Baxter of California brings you the new Five Blade Cartridge Razor – a multi-blade razor that provides a close, irritation free shave every time . The cartridge razor includes multiple protective features to prevent common shaving problems:

  • The blades hinge and move with the contours of the face to prevent cuts and irritation.
  • Also features a gel strip that provides a protective cushion.
  • Skin-guarded blades stretch and prep skin for a close, smooth shave.
  • The handle is a light-weight, high-grade resin and designed to balance the weight of force across all the blades applied when shaving.
  • When you don’t have time for the straight razor or safety razor, these new cartridge razors will get the job done. Great for a full shave or a quick face, neck and scalp touch-up. The Five Blade Razor include a starter cartridge which can be replaced after use with the market leading three and five blade cartridges. Razor includes starter blades that can be replaced with market leading blades.
  • Used or open razors cannot be returned for sanitary reasons.