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In 1948, a young Italian, Marcello Danieli founded his own footwear company – Diadora.

The company’s first successful product was a mountain climbing boot. During the 1950s, a reputation for excellence and quality helped the company grow and become a familiar name throughout the Italian market.

During the economic boom of the 1960s, people began to enjoy increased leisure time and needed the footwear to enjoy their chosen sports. Diadora were soon producing ski boots and the first apres-ski boots.

Next, they introduced running shoes and shortly afterwards, tennis shoes. With the 1970s came a young generation who wanted sports footwear that were cool, good looking and technologically advanced. Diadora partnered with sports champions such as Bjorn Borg to achieve this. Thus the iconic Borg Elite trainer was born.

Now available to a new generation of cool kids.

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